Digitalization in wind power plant operations and maintenance

The importance of digitalization in the wind industry is incontrovertible. In this webinar, our host Murat Yılmaz was joined by Ali Haydar Çakmak (Borusan EnBW Energy), Cenk Öztürk (Eksim Energy), Emre Vardareli (Polat Energy), Sezgi Sızmaz (Gama Energy). Our participants shared their thoughts and experiences on different management models applied in service maintenance operations of wind farms, successful digitalization practices and gains and the problems encountered in the digitalization process and the actions that can be taken to overcome them.

Digitalization in wind power plant operations and maintenance

What's inside

  • Kavaken's predictive maintenance module forecasting a fault before a costly failure occurred
  • How the predictive maintenance module works

Digitalization in wind power plant operations and maintenance

Wind Power Curve Analysis for a 1.3GW Asset Base

Kavaken has been engaged with an IPP with a large fleet of wind turbines to optimize wind farm operation and maintenance activities.  

Download the customer story to find out how Kavaken’s algorithms automatically detected a bearing fault in the high-speed shaft of a Vestas V112 wind turbine gearbox.

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