Working towards a greener future with the help of data

Kavaken emerged from the idea of making a more sustainable future possible by focusing on what we excel at and have at the core of our company; machine learning and AI.

Our solutions extract additional value from renewable energy assets and increase green energy flowing into people’s homes, offices, shops, and factories.

We do this by utilizing the data to understand the assets better, operate them more profitably and improve their integration into the grid.

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge humanity is ever faced. We know that we’ll all share a common fate, and systemic change is necessary to reverse the damage done to the planet.

We must team up and use the available knowledge and tools to build an economically and ecologically strong, enduring future for this and the following generations.

Increase asset health

Achieve peace-of-mind by knowing the turbines are operating within normal behavior limits and human errors are eliminated.

  • Learns via AI the normal working behavior for each turbine
  • Allows for customizing alert thresholds
  • Alerts unwanted changes caused by human intervention

Join the team in building a more sustainable future!

Drop us your resume and let us know why you want to be a part of the team.