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Are your assets producing the maximum power they can? Can you tell if one of the turbines is going to fail soon?

Are your assets properly taken care of? Availability metrics and full-service agreements rarely give the full story about what’s going on with your assets.

With Kavaken, you have the answers to most critical questions about your assets at your fingertips. Regardless of who manages your assets, you will know your assets at a deeper level and make strategic decisions with more confidence.

And you can do this without;

  • Additional investments
  • Expanding resources
  • Complex SCADA and Excel screens
Trusted by leading energy companies

“We’ve been using Kavaken’s Forecast+ module since early 2021 and have been pleased to see how they have consistently delivered the best forecast. As reducing balancing costs and generating more revenue becomes ever more important, we’re excited to take our collaboration with Kavaken further.”

Sabri Ozan Orsan
Managing Director at Boreas Energy

“We are grateful to Kavaken for enabling us to verify the results of our upgrading efforts in the field through data-driven insights. Since embracing Kavaken’s platform, our team has been able to streamline many processes and complete the work much faster compared to traditional manual methods. This not only saved us a significant amount of time, but also allowed us our team to gain new capabilities without the need for expanding our workforce.”

Osman Akça
Menderes Textile Energy Group Director

“We have been working with multiple providers for more than 5 years. Thanks to Kavaken's solutions we have achieved the highest accuracy in our production forecasts in all of our plants.”

Emre Okuyan
Assistant General Manager at Borusan EnBW

“With Kavaken’s Asset Management capabilities, we detected an undesirable condition very early on, avoiding a potential break-down of a major component.”

İsa Alkan
Asset Manager at Dost Energy

Predictive Maintenance
Minimize lost revenue

Receive advance warning to prevent failure of main components and revenue loss via harnessing vibration and SCADA data.

  • Powered by vast set of AI algorithms and features
  • Works with all turbine makes & models
  • Enables deep dive analyses with heatmaps

Power Booster
Maximize output

Ensure your turbines are producing at their max at all times and analyze how the power curve is shifting through time.

  • Uses IEC approved methods for filtering and analysis
  • Identifies and alerts low performing turbines automatically
  • Enables deep dive analyses with heatmaps

Forecast +
Improve sales

Reduce balancing cost and operational expenses by improving day ahead and intraday forecasts and automation.

  • Ensembling AI algorithms achieve highest accuracy
  • Novel approach leverages alternative data for forecasting
  • Works in cooperation with forecasts from other providers

Increase asset health

Achieve peace-of-mind by knowing the turbines are operating within normal behavior limits and human errors are eliminated.

  • Learns via AI the normal working behavior for each turbine
  • Allows for customizing alert thresholds
  • Alerts unwanted changes caused by human intervention

Maintenance Planner
Optimize timing

Plan and monitor maintenance activities across all plants from a single system.

  • Incorporates weather and production forecasts for optimal time recommendations
  • Visually depicts progress of maintenance activities
  • Creates visibility across all levels of the organization

Revenue Cockpit
Focus on key metrics

Stay on top of your farms by focusing on critical, revenue-centric metrics only.

  • Keeps track of how much revenue is "lost" day by day
  • Shows all plants on one dashboard
  • Designed for top and middle management

Power curve analysis for Turkiye's wind industry

Availability of large amounts of data makes it possible to extract additional value from your wind turbines by using advanced data analytics, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning for production forecasting, predictive maintenance, performance optimization...

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