15 minutes with TUREB (TWEA)

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Bora Tokyay, attended 15 minutes with TUREB (Turkish Wind Energy Association) to talk about Kavaken's solutions and news. One of the session's topics was Kavaken's latest report, "Power curve analysis for Turkiye's wind industry". If you missed it, watch the recorded session now!

15 minutes with TUREB (TWEA)

What's inside

  • Performance comparison of wind turbines from 5 different OEMs
  • Development of a reliable baseline power curve for every single turbine
  • The impact of curtailment/throttling on overall energy production
  • Recommendations on boosting output without the need for additional investment

15 minutes with TUREB (TWEA)

Wind Power Curve Analysis for a 1.3GW Asset Base

Kavaken’s latest report analyzes the long-term power curve data for an asset base of 1.3 GW, identifies low-performing turbines, and makes recommendations for increasing production. Download the report (available in Turkish and English) now to find out how you can create additional value from your existing assets!

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